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  • I have found them to provide very high quality work as well as being very honest and forthright in their methodologies for installation, project management, and training. I serve as an Assistant Vice President of Campus Technology for my company and my experience has been direct and very favorable.

    Drew Smith


  • They have always been attentive in meeting project schedules and budget requirements. Their service and consistent quality have positioned them as a preferred vendor on any project.

    Chris McLaren


  • The individual teams that have been assembled for each project have worked cohesively with VOA and our consultants to respond to the needs and priorities of our projects. They have consistently provided quality design, construction, and most importantly, proactive insight, to the VOA team, resulting in exceptional designs and installations.

    Thomas Matzke


  • They provide state-of-the-art equipment and installation done by highly knowledgeable, friendly, and skilled professionals. It is a pleasure to work with a vendor that cares about their customers.

    Steve Ng

    U.S. Army

  • They were responsive and thoughtful at all levels of the organization and proved to be a valuable asset with the high level needs of our project. They brought a depth of industry knowledge and expertise as well as professionalism and a team approach.

    John Young


About Us

We focus on integrating our revolutionary products into clients' workflows, ultimately bringing our customers to a previously unreached level of efficiency and technological abilities. inVision means saving more lives, educating more minds, and the ability to satisfy a larger customer base. This means providing countless medical students with a front row seat and a more knowledgeable surgeon or dentist 10 years later. This means establishing instant tele-communication with a specialist for an analysis that could save a life. Let us discover what inVision can mean for your business and bring forth a solution.

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