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Ago is the company’s answer to high industry demands for a completely stand-alone medical cart with easy touch-panel operation. It is packed with all of the features of the inVisionCam in an integrated portable cart solution. Equipped with an integrated video conferencing CODEC, the cart is ideal for remote consultation and monitoring as well as distance learning. Ago is easily operated by an integrated touch panel remote control and comes with integrated streaming and recording for live and on demand teaching and skills assessment.

Ago Features


Ago is an alternative to wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted inVisionCams, enabling movement to the area it is needed.


For many applications, the mobility of Ago provides a cost-effective solution, requiring less units to be purchased but still enabling use everywhere it is needed.


Ago packs all of the features of the inVisionCam into a mobile cart unit.


An LCD monitor displays live HD views of subject matter.