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inVision offers simple and streamlined solutions for today's complex teaching challenges. Imagine being able to stream live, record, replay, and grade unique case studies and clinical situations. Imagine every student having a first-hand and close-up view of any teachings performed in the classroom. inVision allows dental procedures to be streamed to the students from the operating room or clinic and discussed at a later time by reviewing its recordings. Our technology suite fully integrates with the organization it is designed for, presenting students with the ability to access procedures at any time in the school's database.

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The inVision suite of products and services is an invaluable tool for dental laboratories. The unique ability to zoom in on very specific mouth areas and record findings can offer a tremendous advantage to students in this field by enhancing their understanding of each procedure. Imagine being able to share high profile and one-of-a-kind cases with students in the classroom, who would never be exposed to these educational experiences without the inVisionCam. The ability to reveal real-time and in-depth details to students will certainly result in a more knowledgeable dentist when students enter the dental industry.

inVision overcomes the issue of students being unable to learn from cases coming into dental clinics due to contagious issues or a simple lack of space. With the inVisionCam, either wall mounted or self-contained on a medical cart, every student will be able to access the first-hand experience of these cases and even re-visit them later. This will prove to be a sure advantage in the marketplace. 

inVisionCam connects the classroom to high profile and unique cases coming into real-life teaching dental hospitals. Students will be able to learn from the incredible details of real procedures in daily practice life and use these cases to their advantage by incorporating them into their knowledge base. Being able to revisit these procedures at any point later in time will only solidify their value for students entering the dental industry.

Today's advanced technology enables educational organizations to involve their entire student base as if they were sitting in the classroom or standing in a private practice. inVisionCam, combined with the inVisionCart and managed network services, will bring an end-to-end solution by simple tablet operation. The ability for students to access these classes anywhere at any time will become an advantage for both the student and the educational organization it is designed and installed for.