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The inVision suite of products touches upon every area of the hospital environment with solutions that increase productivity and improve the overall knowledge base. Most importantly, our workflow solutions technology helps save more lives.

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Trauma Centers receive case insights while a patient is in transit from inVisionCam's unlimited camera angles and detailed views.

Operating Rooms solicit instant surgical advice from expert medical staff anywhere in the world. The inVision suite serves as an instant collaboration tool, enabling assessment and consultation with a high definition look at the issue. A complete rotating view is achieved with the inVisionCam's articulating arm, covering every angle of the problem.

Physician Consultation provides more informative preparation for its patients by sharing previews and reviews on similar or own procedures.

Technology throughout the hospital environment benefits with one touch tablet operations. This enables automated checklists guiding you at the initial interaction point, through all possible case aspects, to a final resolution in a minimal amount of response time.