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inVision has an innovative suite of products and services that is spearheaded by our inVisionCam, which is a highly advanced camera mounted on an articulating arm. This easy to operate arm can be attached to a ceiling or wall or installed completely independent on our proprietary inVisionCart.  With 360 degree viewing abilities, the inVisionCam can be easily positioned, capturing in high definition with enhanced zoom capabilities. The inVisionCam comes equipped with integrated LED lighting and a microphone, providing extreme clarity and enabling state of the art voice recordings of the procedures. The camera is operated by RF remote control for zoom, focus, iris, and other presets.

inVisionCam Features

High Quality Video and Images

The inVisionCam is a high-definition camera capable of standard definition and high definition 1080i or 720p resolution output. The 1/3-type HD CMOS sensor (approximately two-million effective pixels) allows for high resolution images and superb picture quality.

Integrated Lighting and Microphone

The inVisionCam features both integrated LED lighting and an integrated microphone for sound reinforcement and video recording.

Easily Controlled

All models are easily controlled by a radio-frequency remote. Touchpanel control is available on specific models.

Simple Wiring

Simple CAT5e wiring is set up for all video signals, audio, serial control, and power.

Additional Outputs Available

Optional HD-SDI output is available, requiring additional coax.


The inVisionCam is designed with rugged construction for durability and requires extremely low maintenance.


Its versatile design that allows for easy adjustments and integrated cable management simplifies installation.

Multiple Camera Angles

The camera's tilt and swivel mechanism offers multiple camera angles.

Multi-Format Video Outputs

Video can be output in multiple formats, from NTSC/PAL to HD. The eight video formats, from SD to HD, allow for SD to HD migration.

Close-Up Capabilities

A close-up lens kit is included with a 10x optical zoom lens. The inVisionCam achieves an outstanding zoom capability of up to 120x when used in combination with its 12x digital zoom.